Helping Children Meet Their Full Potential Faster

Ashley Lengyel

Clinical Director of ABA services
Ashley began her career in Atlanta Georgia after obtaining her special education degree and graduating with honors from Florida Gulf Coast University. From there she taught children in the high intensity behavioral classroom receiving Teacher of the Year for her contribution in behavior change in a classroom design for children on the spectrum. Through this experience she discover Applied Behavior Analysis and continued her studies at Georgia State University where she gained a masters in education with a focus and severe and multiple disabilities and behavior disorders.
Ashley then began to work in Flint at an autism center during the Flint water crisis. As a young clinician Ashley obtained the skills and foundation to help her clients progress and succeed in the Early Intervention Model.
Ashley continues to have a passion to serve autistic community and their families. “I see these children make the most clever connections in their own way. My job is to give them the skills so they can access the world and use their cleverness to make independent decisions about how they choose to navigate their diagnosis”.