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Counseling and Support Group for Autism

With ever-increasing numbers of children being diagnosed with ASD, services across counseling specialties are very important. It is critical for the counselor to discredit the myths and misperceptions about autism spectrum disorders. Every member of Caliber’s team has an excellent understanding of the disorders along the spectrum and insight regarding best practices for children and families of ASD. Our counseling team focuses on skill-building that is conducted in sequential steps, and they make good use of techniques such as role-play and coaching. Directive counseling is a necessity, as children require information otherwise lost due to challenges with social learning and social communication. Our team members also make themselves familiar with common day-to-day struggles experienced not only by the children but the struggles by families and siblings as to provide them with the right guidance with a positive approach.
If you are a parent of a child on the autism spectrum disorder, attending a support group where there are other parents who can understand the issues that can be faced can often be helpful. Groups like these can give information on the spectrum, give personal experiences, provide an understanding with empathy and social networking. Our support group can provide you with additional help, such as offering advocacy and giving a voice to the community. Our support group can assist the client and family with appropriate resources to attain success in individual’s goals. If you are in need of professional expertise, CAC can connect you with a specialist and resources catering to your needs.
“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you” ~Misty Copeland

Build a healthy support system and benefit from its therapeutic powers