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Parent Training


Parent Training

Parent Training is one of the main pillars that accelerate success in ABA therapy. Parents are provided with the tools and resources to be able to assist their child in the development of novel skills, change maladaptive behaviors and transferring skills to the natural environment. In the parent training program, parents are trained by the BCBA one-on-one. Goals that parents want to focus on for 6-months at a time are generated and monitored during the period of time. The program is parent-driven, so parents work hand in hand with the BCBA to accomplish the goals. Examples of skills that can be worked on are:
  • Potty Training
  • Sleeping behavior/issues
  • Eating novel foods
  • Positive sibling interactions
  • Compliance with instructions
  • Appropriate behavior in the community
  • Doing household chores
The main purpose of this program is to equip parents and empower them. There are many simple behavior strategies that can prevent a meltdown such as establishing a functional way for your child to communicate their needs and wants or introducing new foods that are accepted. Instead of a professional knowing your child better than you do, why not learn how to interact and engage with your child in a way that results in smiles, laughs, and success.

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We empower parents to be the best facilitators for their child