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Selfie Program™


Autism Self Care: Selfie Program™

Contact your BCBA today and ask about the Selfie Program to ensure you are maximizing growth opportunities for your child! Developing self-care skills such as brushing teeth or eating with utensils independently may at times be a challenge for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sometimes the barrier is sensory-related and other times it is just that there are too many steps in the routine for the individual to remember and follow. If they have sensory differences, such as a heightened sense of smell or touch, some of the routine skills may be an uncomfortable experience. Caliber Autism, as part of its focus on providing a comprehensive treatment program to clients, provides the Selfie Program for its clients. The Selfie Program will address the concerns of brushing teeth, eating with utensils independently, and more. This program is geared towards facilitating independence in self-care skills for the client and also providing the family with tools for teaching novel self-care skills.
Unlike some other programs at CAC, the selfie program will be a part of your daily ABA therapy program. During treatment planning, parents and the BCBA will discuss appropriate self-care skills to begin working on depending on the client's needs and level of comprehension. Sensory restrictions will be taken into consideration and fun teaching methods will be implemented. Age-appropriate skills will be worked on when applicable, such as the application of deodorant or shaving. There are ways to teach self-care skills by breaking activities into small steps. Your BCBA will walk you through how to take these menial, yet important daily tasks and embed reinforcement.

Examples of self-care skills that can be worked on:
  • Hand washing
  • Tooth brushing
  • Household Chores
  • Potty Training
  • Self-Feeding
  • Hygiene skills
“You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.” ― Abraham Lincoln

Being independent is the first step in a fulfilled life; our selfie program develops self-care skills