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Bloom Program™


Recreation Therapy for Autism: Bloom Program

"When fun gets deep enough, it can heal the world." - the Oaqui
Having fun while learning is a principle of Caliber Autism! It is for this reason that we have a specific program for recreation called “the Bloom Recreation Program”. Activities and/or experiences are categorized as recreation if there are feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction attached. Recreational activities pave the way for expression of creativity (i.e. building legos) and learning new skills. Here at Caliber Autism, we believe that diagnoses are not obstacles from having fun, but rather an opportunity for an out of the box approach. The "right" recreational activity can be variable and difficult to discern at first, but at CAC we are dedicated to helping clients and their families find the "right" one.
Our goal is to help parents find the right recreational activity that best suits their child’s needs and interests. The Behavior Analysis Therapist will conduct a skills assessment and determine which recreational activity will be best suited for the client. The ability to participate in an activity will open doors for social opportunities and foster the development of independence. Recreational activities also provide opportunities for generalization of specific skills learned and also to learn new skills such as with a sport.

Clients will be able to select the preferred recreational activity of their choice. Some examples of activities that are offered include:
  • Lego Building
  • Painting
  • Beginner skills for sports (i.e. soccer or basketball)
  • Puzzles
  • Exercising (i.e. running)
Reach out to CAC’s BCBA today, to see how you can have your son/daughter enrolled in the Bloom Recreation Program!

“It is so important to allow children to bloom and to be driven by their curiosity.” May-Britt Moser

Our Bloom program brings the fun back into therapy