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Our Autism Treatment Process

Work Process

Autism Treatment Process

Icon of Consultation

1. Consultation

Any inquiry by parents about the company and services is answered by an expert.
Icon of Insurance Verification

2. Insurance Verification

Our team will verify Insurance eligibility and will reach out to schedule the first visit by BCBA.
Icon of intake

3. Intake

Application is sent to family to fill out the necessary information and client’s preferences prior to initial assessment.
Icon of assessment

4. Assessment

Initial Skills Assessment is performed by BCBA. This process involves getting to know you and your child.
Icon of planning

5. Planning

Parents meet BCBA to discuss treatment plan and hours of therapy recommendation including concrete treatment goals.
Icon of therapy

6. Therapy

Direct 1:1 ABA services are provided by both RBT’s and BCBAs as planned with positive reinforcement.
Icon of Customized Programs

7. Customized Programs

Based on the specific needs of each individual customised programmes are implemented, depending on area of challenge.
Icon of family training

8. Family

The family/caregiver is provided with continuous training and effective strategies as a part of the process.
Icon of physician coordination

9. Physician Coordination

Experienced and specialised doctors are consulted if their services are required for any specific case.

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