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About Us

about us

Caliber's Story

A visit to a few orphanages, specifically Mother Theresa’s orphanage in 2018, changed the lives of Neerja and Navneet Anand forever. Moved by the challenges faced by children with different developmental disabilities, specifically Autism, they resolved to dedicate their life's work to the cause of creating a better world for children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities. This was a major commitment on their part having spent much of their years donating resources to organizations that care for children internationally. Their hope and vision is that Caliber Autism LLC will be an organization that enables children to overcome the daily challenges of disabilities.


Caliber Autism LLC aims to be a world-class leader with the purpose of bringing a marked difference in the lives of those we serve. Our purpose is to serve individuals and their families from the time of diagnosis through adulthood with optimal care and to sustain the integration of skills into their natural environment. We at Caliber Autism believe in continuity of care with sustained retention of clients. We offer direct care and social skills programs for children and adolescents diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our integrated services are available seven days a week with flexible times throughout the day in different settings. Your child can expect to receive therapeutic services throughout the week, even Saturdays, after school and evenings. We have chosen to adapt the schedule of services to the needs of our clients instead of providing the traditional constricted schedule.

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Our Philosophy

We abide by the H3 formula of success: Humility, Honesty and Hard work.

Our Mission

We maintain trust, achieve excellence, and foster unity to ensure the best level of care for patients at all times.

Our Aim

Be a world class leader with the purpose of bringing a marked difference in the lives of those we serve


How Caliber Autism is different?

At the core of our services, we recognize that every person is unique. Our care has to be molded as per the needs of the client. Our responsibility is to work with the child and the family to bring about the utmost progress. This is best achieved in a comfortable setting, which is your child's natural environment.

Caliber Autism has the main goal of reinstituting play-based learning and being innovative with teaching strategies. As your child learns new skills such as playing, we can begin to use the skills to other aspects of their daily life such as playing with a sibling or with a playmate. Our parent training sessions will enable you to open up about certain aspects of your life, earlier considered difficult. Real-life situations will be addressed by your BCBA and the behavior therapist will be there to serve as an ongoing model of how to teach and change behavior. Our BCBAs will be accessible to the family for collaboration across therapeutic disciplines and attend IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings. Our focus is to provide a comprehensive approach to therapy implementation that respects the family and provides them with the tools to navigate the world.
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Our Certifications

Certificate of Accreditation
Board Certified Behavior Analyst Certificate
Behavior Analyst License
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Our Experts

Caliber Autism has a team of professionals from the field of child psychology and psychiatry, neuro-paediatrics, speech and language, occupational and sensory integration therapy, art and special education. Our clinical leaders bring decades of experience and are associated with Top Universities and top medical institutions.

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Navneet Anand

Chief Executive Officer
COO of Autism Care Center in Michigan Know More

Neerja Anand

Chief Operating Officer
Clinical Director of Behavioral Services of Autism Care Center in Michigan Know More

Fredrica St.Hilaire

Corporate Consultant
BCBA of Autism Care Center in Michigan Know More

Ciarra Murphy

Assistant Clinical Director of ABA Therapy and BCBA
BCBA of Autism Care Center in Michigan Know More

Ashley Lengyel

Clinical Director of ABA services
BCBA of Autism Care Center in Michigan Know More

Lesley Moffat

BCBA of Autism Care Center in Michigan Know More

Jasmine Tillman

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, LBA and BCBA
BCBA of Autism Care Center in Michigan Know More

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Anything Is possible!! Together You and We make it possible for our kids.

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