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Symphony Music Care™


Music Care for Autism

At Caliber Autism we are proud to offer complimentary monthly music sessions to clients who are receiving ABA therapy. Research has shown that music can be an outlet for children diagnosed with Autism and can be soothing when they are overwhelmed. According to a meta-study that looked at outcomes, "Reported benefits included, but were not limited to increased appropriate social behavior; increased attention to task; increased vocalization, verbalization, gesture, and vocabulary comprehension; increased communication and social skills; enhanced body awareness and coordination; improved self-care skills; and reduced anxiety."
CAC is pleased to offer the Symphony music care program which will provide our clients with the opportunity to create music, explore instruments, and connect with their peers. Clients who participate in the music session will be able to work on skills such as imitation/participation of action song movements (i.e. the hand movements for the "wheels on the bus go round and round"), following instructions/participating in morning meeting at school, and independent play skills which involves exploring novel items.

Examples of activities that will be done during this time:
  • Action Songs (i.e. Baby Shark, Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes)
  • Interactive music activities with siblings (i.e. use of instruments)
  • Dance Time
The Symphony Music Care Program will be provided to clients as an extracurricular activity that will hopefully bridge social connections both with siblings and peers. The sessions will be about 30-60 minutes long, depending on how long the client can tolerate. This service is not mandatory so it will be based on the interest of the client and family and whether or not the Musician/Recreational Therapist recommends it.

This service will be provided to clients in the comfort of their environment. Your BCBA will collaborate with a musician who specializes in working with clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. Evaluation by Musician/Recreational Therapist will decide the eligibility of the Symphony Music Care Program.

This is a fun service! Contact us and talk to our Musician/Recreational Therapist today to inquire about more information.

Music heals! Serenade your child with our symphony care program